Protein Biological process Molecular function Extracellular vesicle proteins
ATP binding
ATPase activity
Acid phosphatase activity
Acyltransferase activity
Adenylate cyclase activity
Aldehyde dehydrogenase activity
Alkaline phosphatase activity
Amidinotransferase activity
Amino acid transporter activity
Aminomethyltransferase activity
Aminopeptidase activity
Amylase activity
Anion channel activity
Antigen binding
Antioxidant activity
Apoptotic protease activator activity
Aspartic-type signal peptidase activity
Auxiliary transport protein activity
B cell receptor activity
Calcium ion binding
Carbohydrate binding
Carboxy-lyase activity
Carboxyl- and carbamoyltransferase activity
Carboxypeptidase activity
Carrier activity
Caspase activator activity
Catalytic activity
Cation channel activity
Cell adhesion molecule activity
Channel or pore class transporter activity
Channel regulator activity
Chaperone activity
Chemokine activity
Chromatin binding
Clathrin binding
CoA-ligase activity
CoA-transferase activity
Cofactor binding
Complement activity
Complement binding
Complement receptor activity
Coreceptor activity
Cysteine-type peptidase activity
Cytokine activity
Cytokine binding
Cytoskeletal anchoring activity
Cytoskeletal protein binding
DNA binding
DNA ligase activity
DNA repair protein
DNA topoisomerase activity
DNA-directed DNA polymerase activity
DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity
DNA-methyltransferase activity
Deacetylase activity
Deaminase activity
Defense/immunity protein activity
Deoxyribonuclease activity
Dipeptidase activity
Electron transporter activity
Endonuclease activity
Endopeptidase activity
Enzyme inhibitor activity
Enzyme regulator activity
Exonuclease activity
Extracellular ligand-gated ion channel activity
Extracellular matrix binding
Extracellular matrix structural constituent
Fucosyltransferase activity
G-protein coupled receptor activity
G-protein-coupled receptor binding
GTP binding
GTPase activator activity
GTPase activity
Galactosidase activity
Galactosyltransferase activity
Glucosidase activity
Glucosyltransferase activity
Glutathione transferase activity
Glycosaminoglycan binding
Growth factor activity
Growth factor binding
Guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity
Guanylate cyclase activity
Heat shock protein activity
Helicase activity
Histone binding
Hormone activity
Hormone binding
Hydro-lyase activity
Hydrolase activity
Immunoglobulin binding
Immunoglobulin receptor activity
Intracellular ligand-gated ion channel activity
Intracellular transporter activity
Inward rectifier channel
Ion channel activity
Ion transporter activity
Isomerase activity
Kinase activity
Kinase binding
Kinase regulator activity
Ligand-dependent nuclear receptor activity
Ligand-gated ion channel activity
Ligase activity
Lipase activity
Lipid binding
Lipid kinase activity
Lipid phosphatase activity
Lipid transporter activity
Lipoprotein receptor activity
Lyase activity
MHC class I receptor activity
MHC class II receptor activity
MRNA binding
Mannosyltransferase activity
Metal ion binding
Metallopeptidase activity
Methyltransferase activity
Molecular function unknown
Motor activity
Neurotransmitter receptor activity
Neurotransmitter transporter activity
Nucleic acid binding
Nucleocytoplasmic transporter activity
Nucleotide binding
Nucleotidyltransferase activity
Oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler activity
Oxidoreductase activity
Palmitoyltransferase activity
Pattern recognition receptor activity
Peptidase activity
Peptide binding
Peptide hormone
Peptide transporter activity
Peroxidase activity
Phosphatase regulator activity
Phosphoprotein phosphatase activity
Phosphoric diester hydrolase activity
Phosphorylase activity
Polysaccharide binding
Protease inhibitor activity
Protein binding
Protein domain specific binding
Protein kinase activity
Protein kinase binding
Protein serine/threonine kinase activity
Protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity
Protein threonine/tyrosine kinase activity
Protein translocase activity
Protein transporter activity
Protein tyrosine phosphatase activity
Protein tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity
Protein-hormone receptor activity
Protein-tyrosine kinase activity
RNA binding
RNA methyltransferase activity
RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity
Racemase and epimerase activity
Receptor activity
Receptor binding
Receptor regulator activity
Receptor signaling complex scaffold activity
Receptor signaling protein activity
Receptor signaling protein serine/threonine kinase activity
Receptor signaling protein tyrosine kinase activity
Receptor signaling protein tyrosine phosphatase activity
Regulator of G-protein signaling activity
Ribonuclease activity
Serine-type peptidase activity
Sialyltransferase activity
Signal transducer activity
Spliceosomal catalysis
Steroid binding
Sterol transporter activity
Storage protein
Structural constituent of chromatin
Structural constituent of cytoskeleton
Structural constituent of myelin sheath
Structural constituent of ribosome
Structural molecule activity
Sugar-phosphatase activity
Sulfotransferase activity
Superoxide dismutase activity
T cell receptor activity
T cell receptor binding
TRNA ligase activity
Transaminase activity
Transcription cofactor activity
Transcription factor activity
Transcription factor binding
Transcription regulator activity
Transferase activity
Transferase activity, transferring aldehyde or ketonic groups
Translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding
Translation regulator activity
Transmembrane receptor activity
Transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase activity
Transporter activity
Ubiquitin binding
Ubiquitin-like-protein-specific protease activity
Ubiquitin-specific protease activity
Vitamin binding
Voltage-gated ion channel activity
Water channel activity