Plasma Proteome Database (PPD) is one of the largest resources on proteins reported in plasma and serum. PPD hosts qualitative and quantitative information on proteins (including those from MRM-based assays) reported in plasma and serum and hence serves as reference platform for biomarker discovery. In addition, proteins reported in extracellular vesicle isolated from plasma are also available. PPD query interface is designed to facilitate individual and batch queries using gene symbols, PubMed identifiers, RefSeq accessions, UniProt IDs or peptide sequences. Each of the protein is linked to external resources such as Entrez Gene, Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD), UniProt and NetPath for more details.
 Proteins  10,546
Proteins with concentration  1,278
Proteins with MRM data  279
Proteins in extracellular vesicles  318
 PubMed  509
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Mass spectrometry derived data
Plasma protein concentration: Allows you to check the protein concentration in plasma or serum from healthy individuals as reported in literature.
Multiple reaction monitoring data: Allows you to view proteotypic peptides used in multiple reaction monitoring assays.
Comprehensive literature on human plasma/serum
Allows you go through the list of review articles and high-throughput papers on plasma/serum.
Plasma Proteome Explorer
Allows you to batch query using peptides, Gene Symbols, RefSeq Accessions, Entrez Gene IDs and UniProt IDs.
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